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Business Owners Policy

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What we offer our business clients requesting BOP Insurance


Business owners policies include the following: 

- Property Coverage

- Loss of Income Coverage

- General Liability Coverage

You can request a Business Owners Policy (BOP) to cover almost any peril that your business may face. 

Our coverage under the property section of the BOP covers the basic perils for your business property: 

- Fire 

- Explosion

- Wind damage

- Vandalism

- Smoke damage

- Floods

- The building itself if you own or rent it

Loss of Income Coverage

Our insurance partners can cover losses of income if your business were to burn down or collapse during a catastrophe. This coverage will compensate you if you even have to move your business elsewhere due to your physical business being destroyed. 


- The exclusions to the perils differ from insurance company to insurance company but most will cover the basics listed above. 

- Loss of income due to a fire or other catastrophe can be permanent if you do not have this coverage attached to your BOP.

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General Liability Coverage

General Liability Coverage is the same concept when applied for a business. Liability protects the business owner if the business in some way, shape, or form inflicts damage to a customer. If a customer is physically, mentally, or legally injured by a business, the business is liable for damages and is covered under the general liability coverage from it's business owners policy (BOP).

We Offer Business Owners Policy (BOP) to any business requesting it, however two out of the three components (Property & Loss of Income) are not necessary unless required.

There are clients of ours that prefer just general liability for their businesses and that is fine. Unless required by your financial institution(s) or the landlord of the building, you do not need property coverage or loss of income coverage. 





 For a quote on any type of business insurance you need, please feel free to contact us by phone at (401) 680-9132.

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