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Spend less, Smile more and keep your Business safe.

Business Insurance at a glance.

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Protect your Business against:

✓ Theft

✓ Vandalism

✓ Fire

✓ Water Damage

✓ Equipment Breakdown

✓ Lawsuits (If someone sues you)

Instant Quotes, Low Prices and Peace of Mind. 

Perfect for startups and mid to large businesses.

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Specific types of coverages

✓ Property Insurance

✓ General Liability 

✓ E&O insurance

✓ Business Owners (BOP)

✓ Workers Comp

Additional Perks: 

✓ Instant coverage 

✓ Instant certification of insurance

✓ Instant access to claims and your policy

✓ Personalized quotes

✓ NEXT insures most types of Businesses.

✓ 10% discount when you purchase more than one policy

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