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Life Insurance

Quality protection for your loved ones

What is Life Insurance?

  • Life insurance is the cost one pays to secure the future for someone else if they were to pass away today. Most people that purchase life insurance desire to cover loved ones in the event that they pass unexpectedly. This type of insurance is very straight forward, tell us how much coverage you need? for how long? and how much can you afford to pay the monthly?

Is it affordable?

  • Surprisingly it is! life insurance rates begin at $25 per month and last until your death or until your policy expires. 

  • Coverage can be up to $500,000.00 if you'd like and premiums depend on your age, health and occupation. The younger and healthier you are the better your rates.

who is life insurance for?

  • Life insurance is for anyone that would like to leave monetary gains for someone else at the time of their passing.  Whether it is your father, mother, child or wife, purchasing life insurance will provide them with enough financial back up to ease the worries that come with debts and other bills. 

There are 2 types of coverage that we offer our clients:

  • Term Insurance Coverage

  • Permanent Life Insurance Coverage


What's the Difference?

Term Coverage:

  • Covers you for a limited time period (10, 20, 30 years)

  • Does not provide Cash Value after any allotted time

  • Cheaper in price

  • Will not accept bad health after the policy ends

  • Will not insure anyone with major medical conditions before or after policy

  • Will not insure anyone above 80 years of age

Permanent Coverage:

  • Covers you until age 100 or until deceased

  • Provides Cash Value accumulation after allotted time

  • Cost more

  • Considers the health of the individual and continues the policy regardless

  • Will insure you if you are 80 years of age 

  • Policy premium and death benefit is flexible if something happens financially.

get a  life insurance quote today

  • We have chosen to partner with Midland National Life Insurance to give you the best rates on your next life insurance policy.  The quotes take no more than 5 minutes and you can instantly compare our rates with other carriers

we are always here for you (401) 680-9132

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