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Workers Compensation

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Our Workers Compensation insurance package


What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation insurance is an insurance package that business owners purchase to cover employees that have a work related accident or sickness. It strictly covers employees and is required by most companies that hire contractors for work that can impose a risk to the health of the business owners employees. 

What does Workers Compensation cover exactly?

Business owners looking to purchase workers compensation must know the two main coverages that make up the package. These include: 

- Workers Compensation Coverage A

- Workers Compensation Coverage B

Workers Compensation Coverage A:

Coverage A of workers compensation protects the employees by providing medical care, disability and death benefits if an employee gets injured or sick at work. This is the basis of protection under state law.

Note: Workers compensation laws may differ in other states. 

The employer will always be responsible for workers compensation to ensure that if an employee suffers a work related accident or sickness, the employee will always be protected under state law. 

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Workers Compensation Coverage B:

Coverage B of the workers compensation package covers additional expenses the sick/injured employee(s) may incur such as: 

- Medical Bills

- Lost Wages

The minimum coverage that we provide to our clients is: 

Bodily injury by accident: $100,000 each accident.
Bodily injury by disease: $500,000 policy limit.
Bodily injury by disease: $100,000 for each employee.

Note: Coverage can be adjusted if need be to suit your needs or meet certain requirements for a job.

How much does Workers Compensation Insurance cost generally?

We can't provide an exact amount as every businesses insurance needs are different and are separated by the type of work done.

We can provide a Free quote for your company if need be. It will only take 5 minutes. Please feel free to contact us at >> Tel: 401.680.9132

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